Reviews for "Deadly Venom"

Like nbomb said there is not background on character and any info on her mission just that she is infiltrating some company.
Picking up those files was pointless since they werent hidden or anything .
You should at least make it that we could read them to get more info on story .
Then killing enemies is pretty boring after while you should add more animations and ways to kill them plus more routes .
All in one it was too simple and bland and sexy ass of main heroine does not make it good game.

The third costume is worth it.

nearly there although there are two problems i found:
1) you get no background on the character, her name or origin. you've got to break this charade.
2) easiness: this game is way too easy for people like me. great job otherwise

It's good :)

This is very good game :)


I found this game so hard... It's hard to pay attention in the guards with such a hot.... I mean, such a woman in that situation... You know... *¬*

Nice game, nice spy! Really... Nice...
Keep going!