Reviews for "Deadly Venom"

Awesome! Love the game, from the hooters, the swift actions you must make. Love it!

Played all the games and I love the gradual improvement of the environment and the challenges to the heroine. Have a problem with the first one, though, in that I can't seem to get the wallpaper that you unlock. I keep getting a notice that says something about only having a valid game ID?

Very impressive game, I just wished I knew what our lady assassin's name was...

whats with the girls boobs bro?

Anyways, still a amazing game

This is a well-done fusion of old-school adventure games with the newer stealth/action genre. The character design and animations are excellent. Unfortunately, it's a bit on the short and repetitive side, the hacking game is basically pointless, and the controls can be a bit finicky. Also, the unlockables don't seem to work.