Reviews for "Deadly Venom"

Excellent effort.

This was a really good game. It was a sweet concept, and well executed at that. Thank you, and please, given the severity of the evidence she gleaned from that corporation, may you extend the story further in a sequel? Obviously, they were doing some sick stuff, but why, to what extent, and what I want to know most of all is, who is our beautiful assassin, and who hired her? Why her, exactly? Does she have some personal vendetta against the corporation?

These questions may only be answered in a sequel I'm dying to play right about now, after finishing this game lol. Regardless of what you do with this intriguing series, thanks again for making my day, as well as other Newgrounders' days, with this visceral work of art. It reminded me of a deeper, much more satisfying rendition of Resident Evil, minus the crumminess of the movies...anyway, this game is way more original than that, and I think that this universe needs even more fascinating crafting - perhaps in a sequel, or even a trilogy, maybe?

Can not select other cloth.

I give 8 beacuse Like other player when finished game,still can not unlock other cloth and wallpaper.I ask everwhere but looks like no one know how.Mabe its really a bug?


Sexy girl, heh heh... I like it when she breaks the guards neck.


I'm pretty surprised the guys shot her even with her giant rack and not rape her on the spot.

Deadly indeed

Okay, I am going to say it right now, the only reason this got a fair amount of views is because it had a busty woman on the preview icon. Still, this was a great game because the animation was so gorgeous (and so was the woman, of course). You really have to develop strategy and not just do the same thing over and over. The music was extremely appropriate and it set the spy tone very well. The atmosphere created is also very appropriate. You made a great environment for the player to go around and explore.