Reviews for "Deadly Venom"


Good game... like the fights...checkin out number 2..!!!


I liked it until it got to the knife part. I keep clicking on the knie icon but it doesnt do anything. Advice?


Unlock Costume # 2 : SEXY
Unlock Wallpaper # 2 : WALL
Infinite knives and tranquilizer munitions : AMMO
Fast run for stealth attacks : FAST
Ninja screams during stealth actions : YIAH
Orgasm screams during stealth actions : YESS


to get gameplays,you put some porn in this crap

Very good game

I must day I like this game. It nicely blends elements of adventure games, action and stealth. Also, artwork is GREATLY drawn. I *personally* didn't liked design of main heroine (latex on silicon? :P ), but, there are worser designed "spies" in some movies. There are some flaws, but game is overally good. 4/8