Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Like the game, but one bad inconsistency

Was going for a high score, and after using a green pot previously to destroy all the skulls on the board, including ones with the iron mask, I finally filled up the pot that allows me to turn all skulls into bombs. Seeing as how I assumed that "all skulls" meant the same thing for both pots, I kept hitting clusters of 3 to get a lot of skulls that had masks. When I went to turn them all into bombs, however, only the regular ones that had been hit by a bomb prior turned into bombs and the masked skulls remained the same.

Might want to change the wording on that pot, since it was REALLY frustrating to have "all skulls" mean two different things, especially since it cost me getting to 500,000 :(.

Megadev responds:

That's a good point - should be fixed now, although you might have to wait until the update is approved, and you'll probably need to do a refresh too. The new version number should be 0.5.4, which you can find confirmation of in the credits screen. Thanks for reporting that! :)

Good game^^

Even though I'm normally not so good at games like this one I really enjoyed this playing this game =D

There's one thing I'm confused about though, Why can't i save the filled pots as a wild-card? when there is nothing to click away left the game just ends even when you still have 3 pots filled which would definetely get me un-stuck =D

Megadev responds:

We did consider that, but we decided that players should make use of the pots before getting stuck. That might be something we revise in the future though - thanks for mentioning it. :)


Wow, this had me stuck for hours!
Any plans for a third one?

Megadev responds:

We'd love to make a third game, but we're going to be moving on to some new concepts for at least the next few months. We're always open to feedback though, so if there's anything you'd like to see in Bomboozle 3 (working title ;-) ) then just send us a message via NG!

Wow very nice game !

I loved ! Very original game, great pictures and music !


i would like to say this is one of the better games on the site, but would like report a few glitchs and make a few sugesttions.
i noticed a strange glitch. whenever you dont have any moves left but your purple pot is filled and ONLY your purple pot is filled, the game thinks you can keep going. it is very confusing.
also why dont you include a fire brick you gain that melts ice blobs into normal ones but melts non-frozen blobs. and maybe even powers up skulls defeence (giving it a mask power up).
also when 2 or more wild cards are conected should they make a big wild card?
Also can you make it so you can kill that anooying monkey? please... for christmas.