Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"


good gameplay, very addictive, basically this is a special edition type tetris. Although the guy on the side who keeps on scratchinng his butt with the pencil is very distracting...

Megadev responds:

You can turn that guy off in the options menu - you either love him or hate him it seems! ;)


i allways get stuck in the "how to play" tutorial.. dunno why!
but the game is very nice bro!

Megadev responds:

Ah, really? Can you tell me what's going wrong? Cheers!

Almost Perfect

I would have given it a 10 if not for one little error. If you run out of moves you can't use your powers to help you out. Just something that bothered me as I got a game over with a couple bonuses left unused. Other than that it is a very good, very original game.

Megadev responds:

Ah, I don't think Newgrounds have processed the update yet - try again later today and hopefully the new version will be up. You might have to clear your browser's cache and then refresh the page, but I expect it'll be a few hours before they put the latest version up anyway, which is 0.5.6 - you can check this in the credits screen. Thanks for letting me know!


very addicting. I wouldnt stop (and its thanksgiving) until i lost... horribly. Good game, and a hundred thank yous for the help thing if ur stuk

couldn't stop

this game is soooo addicting. i couldn't stop for hours.