Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Nice style and presentation

Just not a lot of innovation. There aren't many unique ideas in the match 3 puzzle game genre left. The little test tubes that you can use for different effects were a nice touch getting them full enough for activation takes quite some time so they don't have that large of an effect on gameplay.

It was a nice game though and I did enjoy it.

It' pretty good.

You know, I usually don't like these kind of games, but this game is making me kinda addictive to it... but I don't know why. Maybe because of the blobs, that are just cute, or because of the guy next to your board... Anyways, you're game has great graphics. The music is pretty cool too, until the moment comes where you start to feel annoyed. But that's in almost every game. Yeah, that's it from me I guess. Keep it up with your works^^

Another great Megadev game

This game easily rivals Bejeweled (and Knightfall) for match puzzle enjoyability. The combination of the powers and the rules of the bombs and masks keeps players paying attention and avoids making the game as monotonous as bland match puzzle games.

Oldie but a Goodie

Fresh spin on a classic concept; both fun and addicting.

Very fun and addictive game.

ok so i took some time with this game, it was an interesting one, I found this to be fun and it has some good replay value besides that there is some excitement building around this one. Ok so this starts of with a "CUTE" look and sound, very fresh colors and props all about it so really nice idea there, Not alot of flash can win awards but when the effort does show off as does this one then its worth it and this one was worthit for sure so fantastic job there, and props to you on the awards. So the game was noth hard and easy, it was also "ADDICTIVE" i found muself having lots of fun and i guess thats the important part. The gameplay itself is pretty interesting. And is not overly complex more simple games that are the most enjoyable. tend to not be too detailed so thats why i was thankful to find this one, as it was prettyentertaining and interesting.

I like what you have done here, i would like to suggest some ideas, and some positive suggestions, Flex your ideas flex everyones ideas and make it a much better game entry then you can, So here are some options Some more flashy effects when you get some great combos and such would be nice but honestly this game didnt need much to it.