Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Fun and Addictive

Good fun that doesn't get boring and the music doesn't get annoying like some puzzle game. Excellent job on this and nicely thought out. Thanks !! +Fave

Megadev responds:

Cheers! We tried to inject some variety in to the music this time round, so I'm glad you appreciate it. :)

fun game

really fun game kept me entertained for a whiled

Very fun

i thought i would kill 20 mins it ended up being an hour and a half o.o

Very addicting

I have no clue what it is that makes this game so addicting, maybe its the bombs and the vials of colors that get you out of tough situations so you can survive longer in the game along with the level difficulty.
Its the third day in a row I've been playing this game -.- I don't think it'll ever get old to me.

Megadev responds:

Thanks, that's really good to hear! I often find myself getting hooked even when I'm testing the game, and I've been playing Bomboozle 1 and 2 for months now. :)


is there a bombozzle 3?

Megadev responds:

Not yet, but we're definitely thinking about it!