Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Good game^^

Even though I'm normally not so good at games like this one I really enjoyed this playing this game =D

There's one thing I'm confused about though, Why can't i save the filled pots as a wild-card? when there is nothing to click away left the game just ends even when you still have 3 pots filled which would definetely get me un-stuck =D

Megadev responds:

We did consider that, but we decided that players should make use of the pots before getting stuck. That might be something we revise in the future though - thanks for mentioning it. :)


i would like to say this is one of the better games on the site, but would like report a few glitchs and make a few sugesttions.
i noticed a strange glitch. whenever you dont have any moves left but your purple pot is filled and ONLY your purple pot is filled, the game thinks you can keep going. it is very confusing.
also why dont you include a fire brick you gain that melts ice blobs into normal ones but melts non-frozen blobs. and maybe even powers up skulls defeence (giving it a mask power up).
also when 2 or more wild cards are conected should they make a big wild card?
Also can you make it so you can kill that anooying monkey? please... for christmas.

Nice style and presentation

Just not a lot of innovation. There aren't many unique ideas in the match 3 puzzle game genre left. The little test tubes that you can use for different effects were a nice touch getting them full enough for activation takes quite some time so they don't have that large of an effect on gameplay.

It was a nice game though and I did enjoy it.

Another great Megadev game

This game easily rivals Bejeweled (and Knightfall) for match puzzle enjoyability. The combination of the powers and the rules of the bombs and masks keeps players paying attention and avoids making the game as monotonous as bland match puzzle games.

Really awesome super game!

But it has some flaws. But here is the things i like.

Music: I list this first becuase its so catchy! In fact, this would be awfully nice if there was a way to get it...anyways, goes really great with the game.

Animation: Usually i don't mind this when it comes to puzzle games unless it looks just like crap. I would say its good here.

Replay value: High...like really

Voice acting: Same thing, i usually don't worry about it during puzzle games. So its ok too.

Bad sides ):

Ice blocks: I do agree with the other dude, it is a bit annoying.

Getting treasure: I was really disappointed about this. I tried so hard to get it but it only game me a thousand. I found it completely pointless. Unless it increses gradually, you should at least increase the value.

Otherwise, another great addicting game. Hope their is a sequel. And is their any end to the blobs!?......geuss not XD

Megadev responds:

The treasure does indeed increase in value each time you get it. Not sure what you mean about the ice blocks though - they're meant to be tricky to get rid of, otherwise the game would never come to an end. :) I'm sure there will be a sequel one day, but that could be another year or so away yet - watch this space. ;)