Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"


addictive as hell, LOVE this game <3

Very cool little game.

I wanted to join up here and tell you how much I enjoy this little gem and why. First off, while it is true that many games use a similar formula, I think the addition of bombs for 5 or more blobs of the same color being destroyed is great. The best part is the buckets that fill up over time and have different effects to the game play. The graphics are simple but effective, the music is catchy and fun. Lastly, and most importantly the game is fun and well balanced.

I noticed you have already ported a version of this to I-phone which I think is a great idea. I haven't had a chance to try that out yet as I don't have an I phone myself but I'm sure it's a blast..litterally :P. One thing I did think of though is maybe porting this to the Nintendo DS if at all possible. A good way you might be able to do it is try to get in contact with a small game publisher and have it available to download through DSi ware.

I realize porting this to a game console is a little harder than an i phone since both of those use flash and the DS doesn't. But I did think of a few ideas if you ever could have a chance at that. :)

First off, what about a VS mode? If the arrangement of both players grids started off in random configurations it would interesting. The easiest way to determine a winner could be who has the highest score at the end. However, I thought it would be awesome if there was more frantic interaction. For example every time you destroy 5 or more blobs it gives you a blob but your opponent a skull. You can use the top screen to see what your opponent is doing while the bottom touch screen you use for yourself. (This could also be an online mode idea for Bomboozle 3!)

It would be neat to have little buttons in the corner of your screen to switch between one click and draw mode for the DS version of the game. I also thought of having an option to adjust the amount of moves or time limit you had to increase your modes.

Maybe a 3 minute, 5 minute, and 10 minute modes. Or 50, 100, and 200, move modes. I also thought that there could be different types of bombs created depending on how many blobs you destroy. Bigger bombs for bigger chains/combos? I don't know dude, I am just throwing things out there. In any case I hope I didn't overload your brain, and keep up the good work :).

Megadev responds:

Hey Jredd, thanks for the great feedback and suggestions. :-) We've love to bring the game to the DS but we don't have the skills or equipment ourselves - if there's anyone out there who might be able to help then do get in touch! I think a VS mode would be a lot of fun although it could take quite a bit of time to balance properly. It's definitely something we're considering for future versions though, and I like the idea of sending a skull over to your opponent; rather like Puyo Puyo which is an old favourite of mine. :-)

The extra game modes are a good idea too - they will definitely make it in to Bomboozle 3! Believe it or not, we did actually try out different bomb types in the Bomboozle 2 prototype, each with varying sizes of explosions, but it actually made the game almost too strategic as you had to figure out the explosion size of each bomb just by looking at it, and it made my head hurt. :-O It could be something we explore again in the future though - perhaps a game mode in itself. :-) Anyway, thanks for getting in touch and it's always nice to hear from fans of the game!



YOU SUCK!!!! D:<


Megadev responds:

We're sorry! We'll try to make Bomboozle 3 less addictive and fun! ;-)

i love this

this game is cute. i hate getting the skull faces and game over

I love it

This game is so cool. I love matching.