Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Fun n cute

I like that its a solid game but its unique in game abilites keep it from being generic. The graphics are cute, I think the painter guy is a bit silly but to each his own. The sounds and colors really make this game cheerful, which gives it a sort of 'pop' that not a lot of other games have.


First place in 3 minute challenge! Hooray.
This game rocks!

Pure Win!

Increadibly colorful remix of a game I had on my windows Imate, which was like an electronic organizer/mini computer.
This version has power-ups, achievements and a BEARDED PURPLE MONKEY for the win!
Addictive, only negative that it is possibly capable of inducing color-coded seizures of joy.
Freaking awesome game, its a keeper.

Pretty Boring

I find this game pretty boring and near the same as every one of these puzzle games. It is still a nice game, but I give you 6 for this game.

very well done

one- addicting yes i couldnt stop
two- animation was amazing the characters and colors were really well done
three- this game does remind me of that jewel game i cant remember the name but i sure hope u know what im talking about although it reminds me of it, it has its own originality and i can spend hours playing this one and completely forget the other one i congratulate you on a job well done and a saving feature that u mentioned on a review is a good idea
four- great game once again i give it 9 out of 10 thank you for a well made game