Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

I like this game

But purple beard man questions me and trembles with fear!!
Great game, a great change of pace from frustrating "high difficulty" games that use 'challenging' as as excuse for imbalance and poor gameplay

Megadev responds:

Don't worry - purple beard man is actually your friend! If he does scare you that much you can actually turn him off in the options menu, but that would make him sad. :-(

We spent a long time getting the balance right (even making a "Bomboozle 1.5" during the process), so I'm glad that the time we put in paid off. :) Thanks for playing and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Very addicting

I have no clue what it is that makes this game so addicting, maybe its the bombs and the vials of colors that get you out of tough situations so you can survive longer in the game along with the level difficulty.
Its the third day in a row I've been playing this game -.- I don't think it'll ever get old to me.

Megadev responds:

Thanks, that's really good to hear! I often find myself getting hooked even when I'm testing the game, and I've been playing Bomboozle 1 and 2 for months now. :)


This game has some strangely addictive quality to it.
Hours just flew by!


It's simple but chalenging enough where your not bored. It gets really difficult when the Iced boozles comeout. 206100


very addicting. I wouldnt stop (and its thanksgiving) until i lost... horribly. Good game, and a hundred thank yous for the help thing if ur stuk