Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Awesome game

I don't understand the mechanics of the frozen blobs, how do they work?

Megadev responds:

To clear a frozen blob you need to bomb it twice - once to free it from its icy prison, and then again to destroy it. Filling the last pot (the bomb pot) also allows you to instantly thaw frozen blobs, although this pot is particularly hard to fill! Best of luck, and thanks for playing. :)


this game is super addictive.

love it

i love this game. it's easy to play, nice to look at, and kinda cracked out (what IS that guy with the pencil anyways?). would just liek to see a hint button for those looked-over moves.


I like it! One request I have is an option to turn off the "hint" arrow. Personally, I don't think enough points are given for long chains, or for treasure.


i would like to say this is one of the better games on the site, but would like report a few glitchs and make a few sugesttions.
i noticed a strange glitch. whenever you dont have any moves left but your purple pot is filled and ONLY your purple pot is filled, the game thinks you can keep going. it is very confusing.
also why dont you include a fire brick you gain that melts ice blobs into normal ones but melts non-frozen blobs. and maybe even powers up skulls defeence (giving it a mask power up).
also when 2 or more wild cards are conected should they make a big wild card?
Also can you make it so you can kill that anooying monkey? please... for christmas.