Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"

Dude awesome and addicting

Man I love this game so much man. You are AWESOME MAN!!!

Awesome and Addicting

You'll end up spending way more time than you intended to on this one.

Nice game, great interface, very easy to learn, but still deep enough to keep you playing.

Great game

This game is great i think i know why this is so addicting you get really far in the game and u think its over then u just u use one of those potion at the bottom and boom your hooked again i just dont know what those potions are called but anyway great game

Megadev responds:

We're not sure what to call them either! Any suggestions would be greatfully received. ;) Thanks for playing!

Wow very nice game !

I loved ! Very original game, great pictures and music !

Hell yeah!