Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"


Addicting game!! Very fun, for some reason i really didnt wanna quit!


How can people make a simple and so funny game?
If it had been possible,than i had voted 100/10.
Very good animation, drawing.. Everything is good.
Awesome game.


The graphics are so ell and cute. The drawings are perfect x3

Sweet Sounds and many colors make it greatfor younger and older player :3

One of my personal favo games on the Interweb.

Keep that up

this Game is awesome ^o^d *thumps up*


This game is surprisingly addictive, and medals are awesome but, as other people said it could benefit from a hint button. I hope for Bomboozle 3!

Megadev responds:

Thanks for your comments! You can actually get hints by waiting for a few seconds without moving the mouse - an arrow should appear showing you a move, but not necessarily the best one. ;) We'll probably change the way that works in Bomboozle 3 which should be released before the end of the year, if we're not too busy!

love this game

just had to say i love this game. its kept me coming back for more lol i like games like that. thanks for a cool game XD