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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

its ok

but it gets way too confusing way too quick

I like this game a lot.

I know the song was from a real video game, but I can't really put my finger on it... Thhe eggs were a little blurry, but I liked the characters a lot.

Great Game

This game combines a lot of great elements. It has a song from Super Mario World, The "ring" sound effect from Sonic the Hedgehog, the simpleness of a matching game, and the cutness of anime.

A good time-waster.

It's par for the course. Nothing special, just another matching game. But it's perfectly fine for what it is, and the monster designs are cute to look at.

One change I would like you to make would be: Switch around the menu and game music. I'd much rather hear that rock remix of The Moon while matching instead. (What's the name of the remix, by the way?)