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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

why are the time limits so tight?

other than that I enjoyed it...

8950 First time

Was a lot of fun. I thought all the animal thingies were really cute and I liked everything about it. Good job. The Music should have changed once you got into higher lvls. Better music and quality while you leveled up. THAT would be cool. Or stick some simple mini games in certain (Like "every 10 lvls)" intervals that give you lives perhaps? Like simple space shooter or "dont catch the bomb" game. The game was fun.


I'm not too impressed by this. The idea has been done dozens of times before. There's hardly anything different. I had hoped to get both the achievements, but the time limits are ludicrous after about the fourth stage. The difficulty of this truly is aggrivating. The only thing I really happened to like was the music.


got that much points on my first try, was a fun game, but then right when i found every creature, i miss clicked the BLESSFLASHEVER.com on the last one! was mad :( great game, but please make that thing smaller, so other people don't go through the same thing, or happen again to me :(


This kind of game I play it before, and the music I hear it before too...