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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

Nice concept & good effort, but....

The music got irritating very quickly. Also, the first dozen levels or so are the hardest; after that,, it just gets infinitely easier (hence how I was able to double the previous high score in under an hour).

There is a set number of unique tiles, and after that the game just puts in more gray dragon tiles. The time increases for each new level, as does the points for each matching pair. But when 80% of the tiles are the gray dragons, you have all the time in the world to find the rest of the matches, and it turns into an unending game of easy points.

fun but..

there is no pause?! in a theoretical situation, what if i've been playing for 2 hours and i need to pee and... i die?! v_v the ending is also so sucky. quit. huhh?? how about a 'congrats! you got XXX points!' or have a snarky comment based on the amount of points you get? i also totally agree with JIZZL2thaE. how about adding a beep beep in the last 5 seconds which gets faster as the time decreases to add the excitement factor? or some flashing lights to get us all addicted? or monsters that you reduce time when you click them? haha yeah just ideas. otherwise its just another cute game.

Really fun game

Also,points for the ducktales remix intro

Short fun

It was pretty fun and like everyone has noted its a good time waster. It just wasnt really anything new. Add some power ups or good/bad monsters or items that mix stuff up or throw stuff for a loop. Still had me hooked for the short time I played.

It's alright

It's a pretty simple game, good for a time killer. I liked the art a lot. If you want to make it more challenging you should have made the time run out a little bit when you choose a wrong selection, maybe add some different game modes! Like 8 Bit Mode, Psychedelic Mode, Blood Mode (Cute Animals Die) etc. etc. etc. You get my point :) And a couple of different tracks would've been nice

And for everybody who doesn't know where the song in the game is from.

It's from the first level in Super Mario World for the Game Boy. If you didn't know that obviously you didn't grow up in the 90s, or your an idiot who can't fucking read because it's in the game menu.