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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

Simple..... But very funny

its a awesome but simple game that cause hours of frustacion,fun,and pain in the butt


Its a nice game to play really fun. The monsters look really cool

Good game.

Meh, it's good for killing some time.

5 stars for gameplay.
3 for replayability
Infinite stars for the main menu music. EPIC.

It is different

It is strange that you are expected to get ahead so far in a game that is entirely luck. At least you could always get that easy medal by simply memorizing the stuff on the first level. I assume that all the arrangements are in fact the same whenever you play it? There were actually some really good designs for the monsters in here, especially how they all managed to be cute even if their slight scary appearances. I think some has been playing "Pokemon" too much. While it later got frustating, it was pretty fun to play.


no one on newgrounds made that kind of game, so i'll give 6