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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

Nice concept & good effort, but....

The music got irritating very quickly. Also, the first dozen levels or so are the hardest; after that,, it just gets infinitely easier (hence how I was able to double the previous high score in under an hour).

There is a set number of unique tiles, and after that the game just puts in more gray dragon tiles. The time increases for each new level, as does the points for each matching pair. But when 80% of the tiles are the gray dragons, you have all the time in the world to find the rest of the matches, and it turns into an unending game of easy points.


Fun,but it gets boring really fast,and the music gets irritating after a while.The creatures are pretty cute though and the graphics are pretty damn nice,so I give it a 5.


I'm not too impressed by this. The idea has been done dozens of times before. There's hardly anything different. I had hoped to get both the achievements, but the time limits are ludicrous after about the fourth stage. The difficulty of this truly is aggrivating. The only thing I really happened to like was the music.

why are the time limits so tight?

other than that I enjoyed it...