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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

Cute :D

This is an old concept made fun with the cute animation and music =) (I want to say this is from either Kirby or Mario...not sure though.)

But it did get a little repetetive, but these games normally do =) And I'm bad at matching xD

Thank you for the game =)

the game is good

and it makes it addictive just for the music xd

well done

Not bad

Not a bad game. Its fun at times but I find myself quickly growing bored of the same thing.

By the way I believe the title screen song is an altered version of the level tune from the DuckTales game. Just a guess.


It wasnt really fun but quite good

Very cool little flash treat

Its not trying to be anything it isn't, its fun cute and enjoyable. Liked the choice of menu song, though its almost to long and complex for a menu tune, I think for a game that can be played so many times, there should be different songs too, maybe some other Ocremixes? I can't help but play this game many times, I like the different creatures, its fun to see new creatures pop up in later levels.