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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"


I didn't think it was that good. The idea is simple, and it's done competently, but I felt it could be done much better.

The time limit degrades quickly enough that after four or five levels, the difficulty curve is ridiculous. At the same time, there is no upgrade thing.

Maybe an upgrade system isn't really applicable in this sort of game, but I thought that having some kind of system of points might improve it. You could gain points for speed of completing levels, and that could then be used to buy extra time, or the ability to freeze time, or something.

Also, I felt that two modes could be an improvement. One mode is a speed mode, while one is a "Try not to balls this up" mode, where you have to complete the level with the fewest mistakes.

It's not a terrible game, by all means. I just think that the sequel could be so much better.

Duck Tales =D

That's awesome. I gave 9/10 because of the graphic/poor menu, but the rest of the game plays just great! =D

The music is too annoying

And the matching game has been used to the ground


I love these, 'cause I'm good at them.

Score's at 1674308 now though... Yeah... It'd be better if there was some way to "win" really!


Fun,but it gets boring really fast,and the music gets irritating after a while.The creatures are pretty cute though and the graphics are pretty damn nice,so I give it a 5.