Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

would have been a 10/10...

i did not like the saving system, aside from that i really liked the game..... so i give zero... im sure a few others would agree with me that the saving system so if you allow in game save or some auto save this would be 10/10+++++

I would have given it a better score

I would have given it a better score but it doesn't tell you how to make those blessing stones other wise 8/10.

nice game, seems like it'd be alot of fun...

...if i didnt need an account on another site just to save.

since im not allowed to keep my progress unless i join some other site, i didnt really play too much, i didnt go any further than the plains or get any higher than level 4.

it does look like a very good game, though... i'd probably play it alot if i was able to save, but again, i dont like having to join other sites to be able to save on a game im playing here on newgrounds.

i took away a point for that save thing, but i didnt wanna take away too much since it does seem like a lot of work went into it, you could've just been a little more considerate instead of forcing people to join other sites and all that.

good job with the game, maybe i'll come back and play it again if you decide to make a change to the saving feature.

solo MMORPG...

Graphics 5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Music and SFX 5/5

Yet, 7/10 overall rating. Why? Because the game felt more like playing one of the many all-too-similar MMOs out there except combining all their elements so effectively into so small a package is worth kudos. However, the drop rates and other such factors seem to have been directly ripped off one, hence the many complaints that are coming from people. The no rest or shelter wouldn't hurt that much as it makes the game more competitive, but potions are seriously overpriced given how money is not the most readily available feature of the game, perhaps 15 coins per potion?
Since the drop rates and item prices seem to be exactly the same as in MMOs, it has caused some unexpected problems in the otherwise extremely smooth gameplay - people can spend this much time grinding in MMOs because they have company, not many are capable of appreciating such solitude. The potions require a proper description, so do the various character stats. I do applaud your efforts in minimizing the grammatical mistakes that are rampant in flash RPG games - I couldn't find a single one in this! A first for me! (well, atleast till the point where I've played the game) Ah, also the weapon system seems to be a bit lacking, there are three categories of weapons but no differences or strength/weakness descriptions are provided, I just picked the axe due it's high damage since no other factor was mentioned.
Some people mentioned trouble in moving from one area to another, to quote someone's review, "enter a new area and you are a cunt". I would not deny that the distribution of strength is not very smooth over the levels, but hey, people, the real reason it seems so tough is because the slimes are wimps! A player goes from dealing 100-200 damage per hit right from the very low levels on slimes to dealing less than 50 damage on wolves! If we neglect the slimes, the other monsters have a relatively smooth transition.
umm...I think that's about all for now....gonna play the game a while more and will message you if I find something new, if you want that is. But yes your effort was brilliant, the game mechanics were really intense! Keep it coming!
p.s. maybe more "secret moves" like the jump slash can help add to the excellent fighting experience ;)

Very very ADICTIVE!!!

Men!, you make me loose hours and hours from my day, you need so much time, I can't even finish it after 8 hrs, its complicated, but is so nice and well done!!!