Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

i have a problem

i dont know how to do the large potion of rejuvenation quest evern though im already pretty good at composing
any one that could help?

Ok man their is a grave glicht

When you save after doing convination of weapons or anything, if you exit the game and come later it dissappears all that you combined and it really sucks!!!
Cause if you hade a anything maxed out with a lot of combiantions and it took you time o make its not funny to lose it just like that, plz fix that it has happened to me 2 times and this time I lost very valueble items!


Good game. I love most RPG's and this one is a really cool little flash one. pretty hard at first but when you get the hang of it this game gets a little easier.


Awesome game man. I really enjoy it. I look forward to any future submissions you have!

Love it!

I love the game. It's quiet hard for me, but I'm having fun trying to beat it@