Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

pretty awesome game

i liked this game to an extent and ''Fireband999" thats one of the longest review ive seen lmfao


Played it all till the double headed ogre, wich i realized it was impossible to kill, since after summoning ghosts it gets ubber fast and spam meteors at a speed impossible to dodge. When i saw that was realy impossible to dodge, i remembered that running skill that i gave a damn the whole game. Since i was 35, the final lvl, i woudnt get it anymore. If i cant run, its impossible to finish this game :/, next time give skill reset function, that will solve the same weapon all game issue... like... 2 times woud be enough :(, besides that i woud have the option to get all my armor with magic defense stuff, but that woud get me like..... more 365 days to grind...? You woud argue that these items are for sell ate mochigames... that woud suck. Some monsters enter packs of trees and walls and get stuck in there, also using the sword skill that uses your element, the lighting one makes appear misterious counting numbers top left of the map screen..? when killing enemies with poison, they die twice and you get exp twice also... at least is that what shows at system messages. The Passage seal at valley of rest, when touched, shows a lot of squares. If you use a portal right when you enter a boss room that moves screen , you get to village with the camera moved, and you get stuck in that situation. If you die by poison at village (ridiculous but happened since there is no good soul to heal you arround there) the portal you made at center of villag makes you go to ... the village... shoudnt it go to the location i used the portal scroll just before dyeing? better, shoud the hero not die at village? I confess i woud give 10 if i was to finish it, even with all problems people already identified, but when I realized i woudn't, it gave me the feeling that all my grinding was kinda... meaningless..?
If i was to ask somenthing to change, please turn off that ogre turbo meteors so i coud finish even with my skills :/

About the Saving issues people are having

Well think about it. This guy probably was sponsored by mochigames and was required to put that in. This game is very high quality and may not have been released without proper sponsorship, so why complain? Personally, it pissed me off at first but now that i think about it, flash for android was just released so this server based saving may be a better option for me. Consider the developers.. they need support otherwise they wont develop.

Very good, but takes time

exelent game, i like the graphics and sounds
but it takes too much time to level up and earn money >.<

I just recommend this game if you have nothing better to do xD
(you can play a bit per day too)

It could have someone in the village to heal you, but it's still possible to survive after you get regeneration from the itens xD

This game has too many issues

* I am going to put points on dex: aaaaah great, now i has defence... but i take hours to kill enemies...
* I am going to put points on str: aaaah i badass... but enemies kill me with 4 hits... yay!
* I have str, lets buy some good equipment to erase this lack of defence... right?: wrong, money is nearly impossible to get..
* So lets play for hours to get money, right?: wrong again, the time you spend leveling and making money doesnt pay for the fact that you will be a cunt on any new map, cuz you don't have money to buy new equipment, and you have to put every point you have on str and [your weapon here] mastery to deal decent damage... and WHAT THE FUCK ara those hornets? damn, they ramdomly fly away from you EVEN IF YOU ARE HITTING THEM ON THE GROUND!

*what does fire lvl 1 give me? its good to know if i have +10 fire dmg or 50% chance to deal fire damage .. and what monsters suffer more or less damage from that element, i saw no monsters with that info ... till lvl 10 ... cuz my finger started to ache and my J key started to break ...
*why the first skill your earn drain COMPLETELY your mana?
*why for GOD's sake NO FUCKING ONE in the village give you healing/shelter????? am I supposed to save the world restless like Link[Legend of Zelda Refference]????

This game is fun and interesting in the firs levels, but you cannot advance if you dont balance your stats, what means you will suck, but be able to beat the enemies... of course, in 5 minuts and fucking your finger...