Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Good but linear

After getting my ass handed to me by the final boss (who becomes too difficult when he speeds up) I made a stronger weapon with ice to see if I could beat him. Much to my surprise, when It was wielded, the game glitched. I wasn't able to leave the battle square that I was fighting on. I tried letting myself die, only to find out that I was immortal! Actually -84 health dead, more like immortal undead.

The ending is sooooo not worth the time spent into this. Maybe the dev's just assumed no one would be able to beat it.

If you're having trouble figuring out what skills to get, I beat the game with hurricane. The last hurricane skill is like the WW the barb does in Diablo, it destroys everything around you. So when you're fighting a boss, pile up on some zerk potions and jump around in circles while hurricane recharges. Good way to power level too

Playable, but Improvable~

I've been playing the game for about 3 days now, and love it.

I must highlight a few points though.

*Equipment variation is good; there are 3 different types of weapons(could add more), equipment leveling, equipment upgrading, and plenty of nice rare drops.

-As stated, you could add more weapon types, instead of axe and two types that are virtually the same. (ie, all swords are blades) Perhaps spear/polearm, and some sort of scythe-style weaponry?

*Gameplay is nice, but the mechanics are in need of major overhaul.

-Monsters, and once or twice me as the player, glitch into walls and holes, and cannot come out. This doesn't happen too often, but its still very annoying as I needed to restart when I was stuck.
-Drop % rate for money MUST be raised! Its virtually impossible to get new gear, improve your character, or survive if you don't have money. Also, the difference from level 1 monster to level 11 monster is approximately 15 gold at level 1-3 to 40 gold at level 9-11. That's not very strategic, since gold drops rarely, and its not enough to keep up.
-There is no healer, or healing when you're in town, so if you town portal or travel back to town, you're pretty much screwed if you can't afford to buy potions.

Besides the shitty drop rate for gold/items and the lack of healing, this is a great game, and one I will continue to play for many days to come. I'm currently a sword-using level 15, and on Chapter III~

Have a good one, and please update the game if you can! Or make a new, better sequel ;)

Fortune shine upon you,
Vvaryk M. Aurea

Ok, but...

This game has a steep learning curve. You have to build your character a specific way or the game becomes impossible. Here's what I figured out:
Agility is the best stat. Get agi/str at a 2:1 ratio. The other stats are useless.
Most skills are useless. The only skill worth getting that uses SP is berserk.
Get drop rate enchants asap or the game will be horribly boring and difficult.
Accessories don't gain stats at high levels, so enchant them first.
At least 1-2 items with hp/sp restore on kills is necessary or you will go broke. You need more hp restore later in the game, sp not so much.

Second time my level 4 ice cutlass failed.

Why is it that 50% chances never work?

not bad but...

how come you cant go to the main menu unless you refresh???
if you go to menu, it says save&quit but obviously you cant save so u end up back in the game
it is a nice game, but the gameplay can get very tedious