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Reviews for "Depict1"


anyway the way i defeated the clone was i didnt waste my final bullet

i jumped between the gap and pressed k

the clone will fall and you're safe :D


ok imma be honest. I first played this earlier today and didnt get further then the level where it said press space to jump.. now i played it again and I finished it. 2/2 and ofc the fake ending too. I said i would be honest so I will be, to kill him in the end I had to go look on youtube how too, but all the rest worked out just fine. GREAT game indeed. keep up the good work ;)

great mind thrill

the platforming aspect made it fun to get through and the mind twisting story made it hard to quit excellent game

fReaKin AwsOMe

its the best game that i played yet! at first i got stuck a few times but i got to the last ending! its fun and a little bit challenging to get the last achievement, i wont say wat it is or it might take away all the fun. haha think guys think

Really great game ^^

Now THIS is a game. The puzzles were fun, and everything was just the right difficulty. The final level took a while to figure out, but that definitely makes sense. Kept me entertained.