Reviews for "The Cursed Beneath"

you pulled out all the stops.

the best thing I think you did in this game is making an individual sprite for each phase of the guns rotation. It was a nice change from having the computer auto-rotate it instead. You also did a nice job putting physics on the little hp boxes. These are all features I've never seen in a flash game before, and combined with awesome graphics and pretty nice gameplay, this is a fantastic flash game, one of the best I've played in years. One little flaw, though, I think there could've been a little more variety between enemies, but besides that, you've certainly outdone yourself.

What the fuck were you thinking?

Giving the most common enemy the largest amount of health?
Allowing 2/3/4 of the more powerful versions to spawn at the same time?
Allowing enemies to survive standing in fire so the only medkits you get end up in a place where you get killed in one hit if you even touch it?
Need to put some serious thought into this.

nice game

When I use the Tesla gun enemies not drop a package of health (when they die).

I do not see difference in appearance and firepower weapon between 1 - max level upgrade.

all the same nice game


Love the graphics. Controls are smooth, animations are smooth. The bleeding walls were a nice touch. I like that the levels change instead of having the player stay in the same arena (which is typical of this type of game).

My only gripe is that I would rather see a custom crosshair instead of my mouse pointer to aim, and maybe brighter bullet trails. Beyond that, good job.

Pretty good

There is a glitch with the revolvers, if you spin the mouse wheel when you're firing it becomes rapid fire and your base weapon obliterates everything removing any challenge.

Other than that the controls are good and the music is alright.