Reviews for "The Cursed Beneath"

this would make a great movie

needs a pause button

i couldnt pause it, and i agree there should be a quality selector

Cool Game

I liked it, but it kept freezing my browser. It just needs a quality selector, that'll clear it right up.

love this game but...

I thought it would be a shooting horror but like anubis, still great, just would like travel through levels, hard as heck, but that's makes it fun too

great game but it lags...

as i started playing it, i thinked its a game where i can walk around in a world and not only in a house where the enemys spawns. the double jump is a good idea. why not adding upgrades like a weapon upgrade for making more damage or so in the boxes (the boxes must then desroyeble, of course), its only a idea from me, like the idea to start with a NPC with a weapon, too, that you can help or something to distract the enemys from you so you can set traps or refresh (a slow regenerate abillity would be helpfull). wheres the shop in this game? and why a pause button (like "P") exist not?