Reviews for "The Cursed Beneath"

"the lag bug is not really a bug"

what happens is, and with many many other games like this one, is that the shooting takes priority over everything and is the only action that is enforced while you're doing it, meaning that if you didn't start to moce just before or after the shot sequence ended (meaning every single click you made before moving) the character will not respond to another command, this means that if you pressed left shot 5 times, until the 5th shot is actualy shot, you won't be able to change directions, no, imagine that but with 10+, 20+,30+, you just won't move until you stop shooting, it can be called a bug, but it's more like lack of programing, the game itself, graphics and the whole thing are good, but that error just takes away a lot from the game, of course, this can also mean that the game is a bit too heavy... but I doubt it, I was just at lvl 5 and it was happening since lvl 2, well, if you have a much faster computer than mine then it's possible this won't interfere as much, thing is, mine ain't that slow to begin with.

I liked it a lot...

But there is one thing it needs, that all WASD/mouse flash shooters need... Auto-pause when the mouse strays out of the window. I died repeatedly to accidentally clicking outside of the window and getting mobbed and murdered before I could even move again.

Other than that, excellent game. Love the music, graphics, and gameplay. Good stuff!


Loved this game! Will be even more awesome when it is completed / has more chapters!! I quite liked the menu art too.

The difficulty is perfect - quite challenging, but doesn't feel impossible: hint to those having difficulty: don't stand still, pick a weapon & max it, on each level find somewhere high up you can double jump between (think of it as the high ground with an escape route...). I got to level 4 with maxed revolvers before really needing anything heavier, and still think they beat most of the other unmaxxed weapons (lol - but I hate slow fire rate/reload weapons!) To be fair I did finish (fail?) using a fully upgraded rail gun (boom! headshot!) and didn't try all the weapons fully upgraded. LOL! I just noticed there is a difficulty setting on the title screen!

For those of you keen for a storyline: I think there is the beginning of storyline, but because the game abruptly ends when you reach level 7, there is only enough exposition to hint at a much richer back-story.

More game!!

Too glitchy.

The controls are still laggy to the point that I can't even move the player..

Don't get me wrong I still like the game but the lag is just unbearable for me.


not bad

i felt like i was playing it on my snes in my closet