Reviews for "The Cursed Beneath"

Well... shit

I'm sorry but i just cant give this game a better review, i would go lower but i enjoyed it for a little bit, only problem is the game feels "lagged" if you know what i mean. 1 time i got stuck in 2 zombies i couldn't move and just died.

This game is to hard for how you send zombies out, way to fast, I just have trouble playing it. but thanks for the submitted Flash game. Keep it coming.

How cursed

I know I got to the first level and dang it, I still can not get any medal for it! The strongest points about this game are probably with how it gives you freedom to move around. The background does need some improvement considering it is only one room. The monsters were designed interestingly enough. My favorite would probably be the really fat guys who made poop come out of their mouths. They are easy to kill due to their lack of mobility as most of these buggers just kept hopping around everywhere.


...I made it to the end and got a brick wall with the HUD and music still up. Fix please.


The game is unbalanced. That's the main issue.
What I die from fire instantly?
Agree with people who mentioned issues.
The game would be better if it was castlevania like. This ROOM by room survival not very good idea for such gameplay.

The graphics was awesome. The music more like annoying - too loud at times. I think option to turn off music and sound would be nice.

whoa this is crazy

this game is nicely put together. the graphics look great and it's nicely coded. love the idea of buying new weapons and upgrading them. great work!