Reviews for "The Cursed Beneath"

Well good game but..

Its nice but A) too hard and B) i reached lvl 3 and got no achievment

Canadian-Jeff responds:

You probably got it. It just didn't give the notification.

Nice game!

It a really fun game, a little hard, but i like when it hard like that.

Nope, you lost me

It seemed like a fun game, until I GOT to lvl 1 after an obscene swarm considering the health given, and that the monsters or w/e can attack in the air. Then lvl 1 happened, and my controls were sticking... My mouse would NOT register, and I'm not some idiot who doesn't know how to keep a mouse on the screen. Everything on my end was as it should have been, but aside from the mouse, the keyboard was sticking too, so... No. Decent idea, horrid execution.

Not balanced.

It starts out fun, but then turns out completely annoying.
The typical upgrades in between levels are as always frustrating - with (as always) no information about what the upgrades and weapons do, you are forced to pick at random. Not to forget that most of the weapons are totally useless - as always. The only one that actually does something is shotgun - as always. Most of all - I don't see the point of having the most expensive weapons be completely lacking in any purpouse whatsoever
Health packs are random, which is tupid. I've played trough levels without getting a single health drop, and then die and begin from the start and - voila 20 health packs in a row - which are totally useless at that point. Some sort of health regeneration, not based on pure luck would have made wonders for this game.
And not having infinite continues is a bitch for a game in which surviving depends only on chance and chance alone.
Also the monsters are too strong. I have no problem with hard games, but the monsters' melee attacks are undodgeable - and since most of the time you're surrounded by all sides and are forced to move, you are also forced to take damage. This coupled with the lack of a consistent healing system = you die even if you give it your best.
In a recap - it's a typical platform shooter/survival type game with all the worst cliches of the genres put in, in order to make gameplay as unpleasant as possible.


wow, this game is fun! But sometimes ints a little hard though :P
but still its good :) hope a next part will come out? :P