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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"

Mater Y's balls!

Dun touch um are you die!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!

This was sucha good game. like i really enjoyed it. Still playing through it! :D. I find it very fun and interesting. You took a few games and threw em in a blender and made an amazing game! Put it on the iphone. It's be cool seeing it there. Kudos! :)

It is grand achievement of the parody

Gameplay was disappointing. It takes too much practice just to get good enough to pass the early stages. Initially I was just mashing keys and hoping my guy would magically spring into the right spot without hitting an instadeath hazard.

I realize that this is a fairly true representation of some NES games of depressingly poor playability, but having to "streem like the pros" just to get a morsel of joy out of a Flash game is disheartening. Nonetheless, I am getting better at it, and I loved the graphics and sound.

The best part is your parody of video-game-translation English. You captured the tortured style of prose perfectly and added your own humorous twists. You shall have great legend of your name, our hero.


Don't Touch Master Y's Balls!!!! Rofl

Gotta say

I really liked the game, but some parts were rediculously hard, specifically in the race against Master Y. Some issues I have is the he can just skip over many of the obstacles and the field itself is rediculous in that you have to be perfect. The worst part is the first area of almost every level seems near impossible, while the rest of the level is a joke. I'm fine with the difficulty for the most part, but it's so inconsistent. And I'm saying this after playing on "easy".