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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"

not bad

but one major flaw: IN BIONIC COMMANDO YOU CAN AIM YOUR GRAPPLER. that's what make this game frustrating


love the gameplay.. I quit tho after 50 deaths , most of them on the level with those 6 'gasburners you have to jump past , when chasing captain Y or whatever when hes going for those escape pods.. idk.. good game but it got too hard for me. i'm about to throw my keyboard out the window now so if u'll excuse me.. good game!

Close, but not quite

Bionic Commando had a gun
You could duck in Bionic Commando
The physics from swinging around were different.
It's a good try and I do appreciate the parody, but I truly loved the original game and this game lacks many of the portions that made Bionic Commando so great.

MrPodunkian responds:

well... i mean. the game isn't bionic commando, so i don't see why it has to be?

Made it to lvl 3...

...damn them clowns...

its fun.

but it froze after level 2... thats a little sad :/
ill replay and see if it happens again, but damn.. i was so glad to make it that far xD