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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"

I got a medal by finishing with Tary...

But... Are there medals in this game?

Genre: Action - Platformer - Other - Parody!!!

I don't even have to play the game to know this is awesome! This game is a direct parody of the game by the same title on the NES action 52. The action 52 version was simple, you're a clown shooting "streemerz" to get to each and every platform. If you also are a hardcore nintendo fan like me, you may recognise the green frowny face in the corner. In action 52 (the frowny face looks teh same for both this parody, and the real game itself) when ever you pick up an item it's replaced with a green frowny face. I myself don't know why, but James Rolfe (Angry Videogame Nerd) suspects that it's symbolic, as when you take something, it's greedy, and being greedy is bad. So an actual videogame punishes you for getting an item and or power-up... Thats like if mario grabbed a mushroom, Pee Wee Herman would tell Mario that crack is wrong...What a shitty game stremerz was, and this parody is ten times better then the original!

MrPodunkian, you own and so does this flash game,


Action 52 much?

You took the only half-decent game from Action 52 and made it awesome! Good job!

Great job

A great tribute to the old school games. My one problem is that I have completed the story mode 2 times now and got all 16 money bags. But it won't unlock the "cheat". What exactly is the cheat anyway. All these reviews and no one has mentioned what it is.


Amazing! You've taken a terrible game off of Action 52 and made it a good game. Well Done! Don't know why no one has thought to do this yet. Love the references to other games as well.