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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"

The ragequits, the ragequits.

Fantastic game. Very hard at parts even on easy mode, but I really enjoy this game. I have ragequit a couple of times, but I enjoy the overall atmosphere of the game. I like the classic NES style gameplay. Everyone who complains about it being to hard doesn't like a challenge.


This game made me rage. I like classic games, but this was too much. Not being able to jump, combined with not being able to choose the direction of the streamer frustrated me greatly. It seems a lot of other people liked this game, but even on easy mode I could barely tolerate it for more than five minutes. I liked Mario Brothers and Bionic Commando, but not this game. I still have to give credit to the creator for staying very true to the late 80s, early 90s theme of console gaming.

MrPodunkian responds:

the game is definitely a caricature of retro games more than a recreation of them. a couple of the puzzles were real hard, but i still think that they're all very much grounded in skill. i made a huge effort in leaving nothing to random chance, so that players who'd mastered the games mechanics could fly through the game. some of the youtube speedruns of this game are amazing.


The ending sequence was epic... and epicly hard.. i'm tired as shit now.

Don't know why you chose cheetahmen music lol...

also, the ending sequence could've been better.. *sigh* for all our tough work..

One gameplay complaint is that if you streamed and pressed a direction, and then released the button.. Joe will still continue that direction... when I don't press any button, I ought to just stop.. it made some sequences extremely hard.

A blast from the past

I still can't believe I beat this game! For those who like to complain, remember that this is almost a revamp of the classic NES style games. In fact its much easier if you compare it with those standards. Its like the Megaman series (or Bionic Commando where it was originally based on) with checkpoints and infinite lives. Yet the game is still amazingly challenging and it is NOT for everyone. If you are a fan of retro games and would like to relive your frustrated childhood, this is the game for you: The pixel perfect jumping we all learned to love -and- hate. 10/10
Oh and yeah, just like Bionic Commando, poor guy can't jump lol.


Hilarious and fun but really frustrating, kinda like Demon Souls.