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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"


Just like the old NES games. You've captured the feel and atmosphere of the 8-bit age perfectly. Incredibly hard, but perserverance will always get you though like any good game - no "fake" difficulty, just poor reactions on the players part.

For all the people slagging this game off, I suggest you take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror, then give yourselves a lobotomy. Dont downvote a game just because you lack the skillz or patience to beat it.


do not touch dr y's balls I wasent planning to! good game

lol Bionic Commando...

This game is like bionic commando on the NES ... sort of. i really like the game its just that it lagged a little. i cant beleive my comp cant handle a simple bit game. lol for the ppl that say this is too hard have never played super mario 3 on the NES... that game is torture... NES games are challenging and some pratically impossible. everything with this game is right for an nes game. but still i didnt like bionic commando... 8/10

Very fun.

Really reminded me of the old days. From the models, music, and sound effects you really nailed the NES theme and I really enjoyed it.


Good stuff:A kinda cool nostalgic feeling;funny ways to die;a very good challenge;Many different modes to try

Bad stuff:Mediocre dialogue/typing and annoying sound comes from it; can you make a way to kill enemies cause that would be very convenient.