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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"

Pain in the ass fun

Ok so the game was incredibly difficult for the first part but after a playthough in easy I tried story mode. It wasnt as bad as I thought but the controls need some work. I was just annoyed how sometimes the character would skim along the ceiling with no problems and other times he would just fall and die. I didnt try to go for any of the money simply because I was getting so pissed I just wanted to get the ending and be over with it. It was an interesting game but just a pain at times. Really no replay value for me but some people may enjoy the other modes. Humor was spot on.

I hated this but...

I beat this out of spite but it was pretty funny. Atta way to take the piss out of NES games. Thanks for taking away about an hour of my life xD


Well. I started off in story mode, and used up about a good hour of my time. And then i raged quit, and went back to the main menu. WOW

I cannot understand how anybody could not like this game. It is crazy good! There are many different game modes, and the re-playability is amazing!

I want to collect the 16 coin bags and find out what that cheat is! I actually liked how their was no jump button. It brought the thought of, "What if we were actually in a platform game? We couldnt jump that high....how would we get around?"

Though i think some of this was inspired by bionic commando, i enjoyed it just as much as bionic commando. I cannot wait to see your future work.

Theres a Glitch in the first level

Press "ENTER" on the closed door and you freeze

nice work

It froze right after I waited for all the text chatter to stop on first play... my suggestion so far is allow the user to skip that -- it's something that even annoyed the hell out of me back in the day. Looks great - nice 8 bit feel.