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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"

This needs a sequell

Graphics and music are perfect for a NES style game.

Gameplay is awesome with the addition of multiple game modes.

I just wished i could have an option to skip dialog, as fun as it is to read though.

MrPodunkian responds:

yeah -- that's why i added time attack mode, which is basically the original game minus the dialogue. i'm glad you enjoyed it though.

Hard and Fun

Ignore other low ratings. They are either not have enough patience with great game or not have playing exp to overcome the challenge.
-1 for the music, it's not suitable with the game. the music is not 'action' enough. Art is enjoyable. Well done


if a game fails to do anything then irritate it's players then it's no longer a game but an exercise in self punishment.


I got more frustrated then enjoying the game, and the blinking balls got really irritating making it hard to concentrate.

This game should be called GAYMERZ

It's really just a shitty (and gay) rip off of Bionic Commando.

But, I did enjoy the nostalgia of feeling like I was playing an impossibly difficult NES game again, so I'll give you that...otherwise, it was just pretty bad.