Reviews for "Binary"

good puzzle game but...

needs a reset button
other than that it was good

the game just froze on me

my computer was fine, the music was still playing and the little dude was still bobbing up and down...
so i had to do it again right after the third puzzle

A good, interesting puzzle game.

Animations were crisp, music was simple enough that repetition wasn't annoying, and the puzzles were challenging enough to make me stop and play it out in my head until a pattern was found. The logic of the puzzles was simple enough to discover, but the utilisation of each logic was fun to find.

I liked it. ^.^

This game made me appreciate my intelligence.

Therefore, this is a good game.

Loved it!

I loved how challenging this game was, although it was a bit tedious, especially in the second world in the wheel puzzles...
Anyways it was quite awesome.