Reviews for "Binary"

Kinda hard with this one.

Wow, I love this, the way that you've put in such a lot of effort, to get this far, with some frankly brilliant entry, So you have done the time and effort, and thats what drew my attention, so keep doing what you do, and ill keep interested in all your works. This game was interesting, i am glad that you won an award for this game so "CONGRATS" on that, The few medals was not too appealing so maybe adding some extra medals would benice, So the "INTERFACE" on this was kind of nifty, and the controls were explained very well, So this game was hard right at first, i think you should have some sort of "HINT" option or guid option incase you get stuck. I think that the idea in here, really isn't my kettle of fish, but i still found some entertaining value in and through-out the flash. and by the end i was enjoying your idea, so while it took awhile i adapted to your ideas and style.

I like this one, you could still have this Transformed into something more, and something more positive, allthough you did a pretty good job as it is, There are Numerous things that you could do to add some extra concept ideas, So one thing that i think could make this better would be to have more medals, it would increase the fun raing and keep it going for more replay value so add medals as it was kind of lacking in some. So as i suggested above you should have some sort of Hint option or guid option incase you get stuck.

really great game. the only thing i don't like is you can't mute it.

This game is truly epic! I love it. I kept on getting stuck on a bunch of them, setting up patterns to repeat that would work for a while, but then I would have to change around my technique a little bit. Very puzzling. It's very great because the goal is simply to beat the puzzles and once you've done so, you find out why you've been on these planets for so long. It's a good game with good puzzles, a good setup and a good ending.

The animations are smooth and the puzzles really are puzzling. They're just the right difficulty and it makes you really think. The only thing I wanted in this game is the ability to reset the puzzles. But over-all, i'ts a good game. :)

Too Short

I finished this game way too fast, I like a longer game. The puzzles were not hard but were sliding puzzles only. I would suggest that next time you add more puzzles, maybe even have two endings and two sets of puzzles. One easy and one hard, and the ending if you finished all the hard puzzles would be really COOL!

BTW, nice job on the graphics. :)