Reviews for "Binary"

Mind Fruckin'

Those puzzles ain't for the weak ones!
Nice game.. I got stucked at the puzzle with the two circles at the Planet II, but I'll solve it later. Promise.


I never thought I would play a puzzle of this kind that would entertain me so much. Thank you! :]
Tho I enjoyed getting thru the puzzles, what bugged me most was the turning speed, should have turning from both sides and the stuff should turn faster. And there's no skip button which I dont like and a saving future would be nice to get on the puzzles later. ;)

Overall, it was a pretty much game, certainly worth playing. I hoped there would be a last challenge to go thru..but nothing like that. :/


These puzzles were thoughtful and challenging, they really got me thinking. My brain feels all warmed up after that.


This Game Was Pretty Hard 0.0
For Some Reason The Music Reminded Me Of Valve's L4d2 Main Screen Theme
Anyway,It's An Awsome Game With Hard Puzzled And Is Enjoyable!Did Tom Fulp Really Help On This?I Think I Saw His Name In The Credits :D
Anyway As I Said Its A Great Game And Can Keep You From Being Bored!


Wow! I feel so smart right now!