Reviews for "Binary"

I pressed Z over the pause symbol and switched between the screen with the six X's a bunch of times until the game froze while I was outside standing over the pause symbol. I guess it's possible that the game lost keyboard focus and has nothing mouseEnabled for me to click on to get it back.

Very challenging, and fun!

Pretty cool! I like the atmosphere set by the music, and the graphics look okay as well.

The platforming serves no purpose other than to walk from one puzzle to the next, and I kinda wish there was more platforming to do than that. Other than that, the puzzles themselves were cool and intrincate, but once you figured them out, you could solve them pretty much algorithmically.

This puzzle game is a bit on the easy side, and a lot on the short side, so I really didn't derive as much satisfaction from it as I could have.

its so sad ;) tears of joy creativity!

pretty short! lol i really liked this. the puzzles were challenging, but beatable. all looked cool... the controls weren't in-game and no mute. options are always good. no intro and there's no separation between getting the 2nd and 3rd medal, but nice one; liked the concept