Reviews for "Binary"

too short

I cant agree that puzzles are challenging. Rather easy to solve. But i like simple style of this game. Music after 5 minutes of playing became really annoying. Game is too short. NEED MORE PUZZLES

Good job.

Extremely well done.

I can only imagine the time you took to simply come up with these very challenging puzzles.

Addicting and challenging

A very cool game, with simple systems but hard to solve!
Good graphics, relaxed music and a quite good story for such unrelated puzzles.

its good, bt i have a problem..

i gav it 4/5 and it de-graded it. Also, it is oretty good. 3rd, GO AHEAD, -- IT!

Wow man

This game is not for your average joe on the streets. There's no way the average person will be able to solve these. I'm on the second core, on the puzzle on the left, I got the one on the right, and I'm looking at this puzzle now...and seriously WTF lol. The other ones were bad enough, but the one on the left is like WTF. Props on the game design. The graphics are amazing, the puzzles are epic, and the music is okay I guess. I will have to come back to this sometime, most likely with a friend and laugh and call him an idiot as I watch him struggle as I did the first time XD Idk though...unfinished puzzles bug me so I think I'm gonna leave this window open until I figure the damn thing out >B(