Reviews for "Binary"

I agree with shotakin

I ts easy to create algorithms (even though technically they're not such), and after you do, its mostly grunt work. However, it doesn't FEEL like grunt work, and you still hve to be smart to finish the puzzles, and the sense of achievement after completion is simply enormous. Very relaxing.

Simple and Delicious

Well made and well thought out.
The puzzles are well done and, though you can simply tune out and fiddle with it, it's fun to see how quickly you can get it done.

I like the maintenance man coming to fix the 'pipes' kind of thing.

Quick question though, When the laser is connected does the game start spitting out Morse code? And if so, what's it saying?

Ansel responds:

it is morse code, i think, but i never translated it. it's just some sound effect i found online :3


Awsome and hard puzzles, nice thinking of another?


They are really simple if you just stop and take a look and not try to over think them, Hope you make more they were fun to solve

It's so hard

but I love it, ive been making algorithms to beat this and well I just feel so much more accomplished by doing it ive played it a couple times its just magnificent, the music makes my mind liked idk but i liked it a lot