Reviews for "Binary"

Amazing game

really great game, no jokes. The presentation is good and the puzzles are challenging. Perfect game for me

I like it

A beautiful game. Challenging and fun to play. A save option would be helpful however, not critical. Well done.

Beautiful, with one flaw.

A great game, challenging without being frustratingly difficult, nice artwork, and a short yet interesting backstory befitting of a blue-collar technician, just a need-to-know game. One problem, though, is the lack of a save feature. Starting each and every puzzle over right from the beginning should I lapse and click on a different link irks me to no end. Otherwise, it's brilliant.


a confusing game but really puts your mind into it. Original game. *thumbs up*

Clever game

The graphic's are good though the game itself it too hard for a dumb one like me :)

The puzzle's was very challenging