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Reviews for "Space-ninja"


I quite enjoyed the game - it's simplicity was quite charming but it wasn't too easy, either, and it was quite fun.
The music was excellent throughout, especially the boss theme, so you get full marks for that.
However, there are too few levels, and the limited graphics do make them look a little dull and bland.
The controls for the wall jump were disastrous - other than just holding up and letting the auto-jump feature do its work, I could never really utilise the wall jump for anything, and it frequently became an annoyance as I ended up latching onto walls and then leaping off of them again when I was just trying to ascend some steps or ledges. One level in particular required frustratingly precise movements in order to avoid launching oneself into a bomb turret.
The boss was no real challenge at all, and indeed suffered from a bug in the second phase - if you stand in the gap in the centre, and shoot the landing blocks instead of the ship, the whole boss still takes damage.

I think a lot more could be done with the game, but it's not by any means a bad start.


the game gets extremely repetitive and therefore very boring.
maybe add a power-up system or a storyline next time?


I wish the controls didn't consist of the arrow keys. Pressing up to jump put a strain on my hands

Gets boring.

The only thing that was remotely close to making the character a ninja was the wall jump, and even Mario can do that.


I must admit, it did get boring after awhile. Thats about all I can say.