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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

wasn't bad or good

the graphics of this game reminded me of pong, but it didn't bother me. gameplay was pretty good except you can be killed too easaly. maybe something to add: different guns every three levels or so and maybe a difficulty changer. like other said the instructions in the first level got annoying, but other than that, the game wasn't half bad.

Pretty Good

I have to respect the way the game was made, but i definetly think that it should be more complex and with health bars

Great game

But I'd make one suggestion. Could you please give the boss at the end of the game a health bar? I suppose it doesn't really take away from the game play, but it annoyed me on a minimal level.


It's not terrible, but it's just sort of boring.

Well good enough

there's always gotta be that idiot who blames it on the game, i like it when i died in here cuz i didn't have to start over. I'll give it a 10 for post on the front of newgrounds.