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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

Bugs, bugs, bugs

I can't get the cursor to move off the top left corner. Pretty dull, until you get that fixed.


Make different level layouts


I give a 9........ same reason

Why is a ninja if it doesnt have a sword or a katana???


but all is right ^^

Fun game!

If you probably saw the number I just gave, you'll probably think "Why the fuck 9?" Well only one thing.

Here's the reason: Ninjas don't usually carry guns. Usually any type of swords (Samurai Swords, Katanas etc)
Only reason.

I like how you taught us the instructions. But please, put the instructions in the main menu. It kind of annoyed me when I keep dying and find them saying like "USE THE LEFT AND RIGHT KEYS TO WALK" remember, I'm only giving you a suggestion.

Graphics were okay. Bought back memories from the good ole' 8-Bit games.

Programming is good. For beginners (like me), enemies were a little hard to kill. So I easily die. Perhaps a difficulty?

Overall, great!


Alot like the others said. Fun and challengingly difficult but too much so. A little somthin or other to add a little bit of spice to it, it does get very repetitive. Though, I'd say the only way to make it more playable would be to make it harder. So that the finish seems just out of reach right up until you finaly reach it. Otherwise, I'd leave it be and start on somthing even better. 16-bit maybe ?!?