Reviews for "Space-ninja"

Well good enough

there's always gotta be that idiot who blames it on the game, i like it when i died in here cuz i didn't have to start over. I'll give it a 10 for post on the front of newgrounds.

Bugs, bugs, bugs

I can't get the cursor to move off the top left corner. Pretty dull, until you get that fixed.


Make different level layouts


I give a 9........ same reason

Why is a ninja if it doesnt have a sword or a katana???


but all is right ^^

Fun game!

If you probably saw the number I just gave, you'll probably think "Why the fuck 9?" Well only one thing.

Here's the reason: Ninjas don't usually carry guns. Usually any type of swords (Samurai Swords, Katanas etc)
Only reason.

I like how you taught us the instructions. But please, put the instructions in the main menu. It kind of annoyed me when I keep dying and find them saying like "USE THE LEFT AND RIGHT KEYS TO WALK" remember, I'm only giving you a suggestion.

Graphics were okay. Bought back memories from the good ole' 8-Bit games.

Programming is good. For beginners (like me), enemies were a little hard to kill. So I easily die. Perhaps a difficulty?

Overall, great!