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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

Too easy

Too easy. Collision detection of bullets sometimes fails.
Nuff said.

decent game to short

the game was too short imo and the boss fight was way to easy i mean once it went into the air all u have to do is just go where it was sitting and shoot the red things there.. you cant die and it kills the boss.. way to easy


I had some trouble on the boss, but it was worth it! By the way... nice sound track!

wasnt bad

needs a story and he had no ninja powers. should be called space adventure or sumthin

The boss was frustrating.

The boss fight was ok, until it flew into the sky. Then it pissed me off. I had to walljump on the spawn wall and shoot it in little 3 bullet bursts. Also, those little things that shoot white balls up and they go into fours are frustrating also. 6/10 for bad boss fight. Made my hands hurt.